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Our Technology

Computer vision and deep learning that augment human intelligence in daily business operations

We provide powerful computer vision solutions across six domains

Proprietary AI solutions that automate business processes in everyday operational settings.

Facial Recognition

Perform facial recognition, liveness detection and collect demographic data such as age, gender, height and other relevant consumer information.

Facial Sentiment

Detect eight classes of emotions that are useful for consumer sentiment analysis, service ratings and for forecasting mood & reactions.

Crowd Analysis

Count people, track crowd density and movement direction in enclosed spaces or wide, open public areas. Facilitate crowd control measures and analysis. 

Object Detection

Recognise, classify and track objects. Deploy for vehicle tracking, retail cataloguing, defect detections, and a host of everyday applications.

Hazard Detection

Automatically track dangerous situations, including fire, smoke, vehicle obstructions, tailgating, loitering, perimeter intrusion and much more, without manpower.

Action Recognition

Study behaviour in a variety of settings, such as recording dwell time, detect incidents and collect powerful data on consumer behaviour and interactions.

How it works

We deploy our models to enable realtime processing of image and video data to ease business operations. We continually improve our solutions over a long-term development cycle, long after its first deployment on your site. 


Powerful computer vision tools to process visual input faster, more accurately and without manual labour.


Cloud-based and edge AI that accelerate processing times.

Real-time processing

Automate complex decision-making based on visual input, at high speed.

Instant execution

Transform large volume of visual data into actionable and predictive analytics.

Powerful data

Iterative AI improvement loop

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