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Autonomous Retail Solution 
Proof of Concept:
Aye Smart Store  (Launching May 2021, UOA Business Park)

Recreating retail, where technology meets convenience: scanning, walking in, shopping, and walking out, the AI-Powered Autonomous Store provides a seamless shopping experience with highly digitized and intelligent systems to automatically assess the purchase, enabling faster and more efficient shopping experience.

Aye Check-in Solution

Proof of Concept:

Aye Smart Stay (Launching 2022, Malacca City)

Reshaping industries, where technology meets hospitality: unmanned reservations management, payments, check-in, and check-out, the AI-Powered Unmanned Hotel carries out human functions enabling efficient hospitality.


Aye Sense

(Product Development Process)

Reimagining surveillance, where technology meets security: increasing security layers and enhancing public safety, Aye's Crowd Detection integrates into urban planning to reduce pollution and crime rate in cities 

Single Token Travel Solution

(Product Development Process)

Reassessing vigilance, where technology meets security: easing trans-border identity authentication and simplifying travel, Aye's AI-powered biometric verification eases border control enabling secure and seamless traveling.

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