Industry 4.0: Retail automation comes to town

by The Edge Markets

Lim got to thinking about how such a simple process had become so complex, time-consuming and frustrating. A month later, she resigned from her job and started tapping into her network to set up Aye... 


Unmanned retail store concept launches in Malaysia

by The Malaysian Reserve

AYE Solutions Sdn Bhd is set to open the first unmanned retail store in the country, in an effort to help more people shop in-store with confidence, ease, speed and increased hygiene standards.  


Inspired By Japan’s Tech, This M’sian Is Building Smart Store 

by VulcanPost

Aye Solutions is coming up with an unmanned smart store that uses AI to let you shop without the presence of shopkeepers.  


Re-envisioning retail through automation

by The Sun Daily

Aye Solutions Sdn Bhd provides retail automation solutions that can be scaled to fit everything from kiosks to grocery stores. Location will be key for retailers as they plan to switch to automation. 


Re-envisioning retail under the shadow of COVID-19 

by AstroAwani

As Lim Yee Yun articulates it, “… in many ways, much of the enhancements so far have been focused on e-commerce infrastructure, store performance management system and... 


マレーシア初の無人コンビニがオープン 日本のコンビニを参考

AyeSolutionsのファウンダーYee Yun Lim氏は、


This M'sian is building smart store needs no employee


After seeing the long queues at shopping centers, Yee Yun Lim wondered how something so simple like an errand run became so complex... 


Re-envisioning retail under the shadow of Covid-19 

by The Business Today

A leading pioneer and mover and shaker in this regard is Aye Solutions Sdn Bhd whose founder, consultant-turned entrepreneur Lim Yee Yun, is very passionate about emulating the technological culture of Japan