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Peace of mind with our facilities management solution

Future-proof your facility with the power of AI and computer vision. Strengthen security with AI-powered detection systems and improve visitor management with a seamless, touchless entry process.  

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Hassle free visitor check-ins

No more manual check-in, lengthy queues or long forms. Use a seamless check-in process powered by our proprietary computer vision models where visitors can simply register to check-in with facial recognition.

High security touchless entry

Say goodbye to access cards and fobs. Access your facility via registered faces linking to identification cards, and prevent fraudulent entries. Control access and manage entry permissions into different sections of your facility and restricted areas. 

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Automated security 

Get more out of your security footage. Our solution automatically flags hazards and dangerous scenarios so that your staff has a dynamic view of your facility. Reduce manual labour when maintaining security on your facility with our automated solution. 

Visitor analytics

Empower your staff to better understand and serve your visitors with advanced data collection and analytics. Make data-driven decisions that will enhance the visitor experience.

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