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Aye Co-pilot

A pioneering solution effectively tackles your retail pain points with AI agents enabled by facial recognition payment.

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A payment solution that is beyond mere transactions

Pay with Face

AI Customer Service Agent


Virtual Retail Manager

AI Sales Assistant

Unleashes Data-Driven Brilliance for Your Business

Real-time data updates at your fingertips

  • ​Gender

  • Country

  • Shopping recency segment

  • Visits recency segment

  • Shopping frequency segment

  • Visits frequency segment

  • Shopping monetary segment

  • Average basket size

  • Average purchase frequency

  • Average purchase value

  • Average time between purchases

  • Basket abandonment rate

  • Basket distribution

  • Basket size variance

  • Conversion rate

  • Average visit duration

  • Customer retention rate

  • Frequency of purchases

  • Frequency of visits

  • Monetary of purchases

  • Purchases recency

  • Visits recency

  • Market growth rate

  • Market penetration by country

  • Market price benchmarking

  • Market price sensitivity analysis

  • Market competition analysis

  • Market expansion opportunities

  • Market seasonality trends

  • Market segment profitability

  • Payment method

  • Customer loyalty analysis

  • Customer preferences by product attributes

  • Customer purchase propensity

  • Frequency purchases per payment

  • Frequency units ordered

  • Monetary discount (category, period)





Customer Engagement

& Behavior



Payment &


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At the core of our Facial Recognition Payment infrastructure is a dynamic bridge that connects customers, merchants,

and financial institutions, tapping into the Southeast Asia payment ecosystem.


With just one API call and a quick login,

Aye Co-pilot is at your service to serve your customers better

  • What if I already have an existing merchant acquirer?
    Aye Co-pilot integrates with your current merchant acquirer seamlessly, allowing for a smooth transition and operation.
  • Can I use Aye Co-pilot if my Point of Sale (POS) system is not equipped with a camera?
    If your POS system is not equipped with a camera, we will provide you with a new device that connects to your POS system. If your POS system includes a camera, only a software installation is needed; no new device required.
  • Is Aye Co-pilot safe to use?
    Aye prioritizes safety and security. We have implemented robust measures to ensure that transactions and information handled through our facial recognition payment system are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

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