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AI-Powered Autonomous Retail

A more efficient shopping journey awaits. Through the integration of AI and other technologies, our solution enables a frictionless and contactless retail experience with minimal physical touchpoints and no checkout needed.

Aye Smart Store.jpg (13).gif

Prioritise consumer convenience

Consumers can just place items into their bags and our AI-powered object detection system will add them to the customers' virtual shopping carts.

Eliminate store congestion with our checkout-free technology

Removing the manual checkout process improves customer experience as there is no longer a need to queue up. Simply walk out with purchased items. (14).gif (8).gif

Customise the customer experience with Interactive advertising 

Our interactive advertising responds to real-time consumer demographics and items picked up, in order to ensure that every customer experience will be different instore.

Aye Retail Platform.png

Store management simplified

Open and close your store through a simple tap of a button and receive real-time inventory notifications to ensure continuity of product for customers through our manager app. Our solution also includes the ability for dynamic pricing, giving you flexibility right at your fingertips.

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